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Weight Loss Program THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!

Friends, fellow countrymen, brothers and sisters, lent me your ears! Simple, Fast 40-Day Weight Loss routine that is guaranteed to work! The results will make you feel like you've resurrected from the dead!Eat one full meal and two smaller meals (that do not add up to one meal) each day.Abstain from meats every Friday.Don't snack!Don't eat any chips, desserts, or similar foods.If someone offers you something more, politely refuse.No pain, no gain (actually, I mean loss)! Ignore the painful spasms that might occur in your stomach from this routine! Get some extra "graces" points by offering it up! Also, try to ignore the annoying rumbling side effects the lack of food might cause.Allow yourself to indulge every Sunday. However, if at all possible, try to stick as closely to the routine as possible so going back to it on Monday isn't as hard.On the last Friday before the 40 days are done, crank it up and do number 1 AND 2 for the day!Keep this up for 40 days!C…

Happy St. Valentine's Day and have a blessed Ash Wednesday!

Happy St. Valentine's day! Have a blessed Ash Wednesday and a fruitful Lent!

Review: Moby Dick

Moby Dick by Herman Melville
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is been by far the most beautiful book I have ever read. No other book has stirred up in me such strong emotions. I believe this is because of the underlying themes Herman Melville hides beneath the surface. Melville wrestles with the "big" questions of life, such as the meaning of life, revenge, madness, and love. Using his characters, especially Captain Ahab, he portrays the struggles of humankind. Good hidden in evil, evil resulting from good. The duality of ideas we think are set in stone. Ahab's struggle against himself is a mirror for the frustrations we all hold. Nearly anyone going through a difficult time can associate himself with the torn, pained, grieved captain of the Pequod.
Though this book can be very dry and long, if one sticks with it, it will certainly pay off. The lessons learned and the ideas suggested from this book are ones that have been troubling mankind since creation. One must…


If you are one of my classmates in my Advanced Literature: American Literature class, you probably know I'm just a tad obsessed with Moby-Dick and think it's the best thing since sliced bread (ok, maybe it's the best book I've read since A Tale of Two Cities). So, here's a bit of Literature humor for you. 😉 Enjoy!

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My Obsession With Moby-Dick