By Alexandra Broom
 An artist who is good at drawing people, buildings, landscapes, etc.
       Must be creative and think outside the box. No age limit.
I am a graduating senior and I am almost done with my first book-that is fit to be self-published anyway-and once I’m done editing I’d like to self-publish it.
          However, I can’t draw to save my life. I have a map designed, but I need someone to draw it a little better and make it look more like a real map.
          I need someone to design the cover of the book, I am not sure how I want it to look just yet, but if you are interested just contact me and we can discuss it.
          If you are worried about copyright-like I am-we can discuss it and Google the information we’re both looking for.
          Please contact me at:

 If you are looking for a chance for your artistic skills to be recognized, here you go! 


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