My Science Fair... finally!

On 04 February, I went to my homeschool science fair. I think I’ve mentioned this before, so I thought I’d tell you more about it. I did a fairly simple project involving bridge truss designs. I picked the three main truss designs (Warren, Howe, Pratt), built them out of craft sticks and tested them. Here are some pictures of my board and set-up. If you are interested in reading my final report, you can find it here. I've had to take out some personal information from it and reformat it for public viewing, but overall it is the same one that I presented to the judges. Let me know what you think!

Though I did not win anything, I really enjoyed participating in the science fair. I learned so much! Did you know it takes about 25 lbs to break an average human bone? My strongest bridge held over 57 lbs!

Feel free to ask me questions! I can’t promise you that I can answer all of them, but I will answer as much as I can!


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