The Tenth Region of the Night: Sword and Serpent Book II Review

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So, I know I haven't been writing much lately. The majority of my blog posts have been book reviews from Goodreads. But, I have stopped in today to write a post for my lonely blog because...


I have been following Dr. Marshal on Goodreads and saw his application for the launch team and I thought, "Eh, I'll at least give it a try. I probably won't be selected, but it is worth a try." Much to my joy and surprise, a few weeks later I received an email saying that I was a finalist for the Launch Team and received a link to my free copy of the book! I couldn't believe my eyes!

So, I had to read the book by Thanksgiving night and then write a review on If I completed the requirements, I would get my name printed in the published book! I had finished the 444-page book by Wednesday and was going to write my review when I found out that I cannot write a customer review without first spending at least $50 on Amazon purchases. As you can imagine, I was greatly disappointed. However, I consoled myself that I had been honored to be chosen for the launch team and had received a free PDF copy of the book.

Dr. Marshal, I want to thank you for selecting me to be part of your launch team and giving me the opportunity to read your new book!

Tenth Region of the Night is the amazing sequel to Sword and Serpent. It is the story of St. George and his life and adventures during the reign of Diocletian. Tenth Region of the Night is very well written and had me captivated for hours on end. I especially enjoyed the introduction of a new character, Aikaterina, who is St. Catherine of Alexandria and my patron saint. (No bias there...) I especially enjoyed how Dr. Marshal portrayed each character's search for truth and how each came to find it through the Catholic Church.

Tenth Region of the Night makes a wonderful Christmas present for any Catholic, especially for your teenage Catholic youth. It portrays the struggle of good and evil in a clean, wholesome way (unlike many of modern young adult books) using the life of the saints. It is a story of a quest, a quest for truth and glory. The characters, though they are from the 3rd Century AD, are relatable to the reader in different ways and feel very real, unlike many characters in historical novels I've read. Finding Sword and Serpent and Tenth Region of the Night in their stocking would have any Catholic teen jumping for joy.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Tenth Region of the Night and I hope you will consider buying this fabulous book!

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I hope you all have a fruitful Advent and a Merry Christmas!

In Christ,
Catherine T. Mohs

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