The Heir to Erebor: Chapter Ten to Thirteen

Chapter Ten

“My Lord Legolas,” said an Elf in Elvish, riding up to Legolas and Tauriel, “I bring word from your father. You are to return to him immediately.”“Come, Tauriel.” Legolas said as he walked forward.Tauriel stayed where she was, she knew what was coming.“My Lord,” The Elf replied in Elvish, “Tauriel has been banished.”“Banished?” Legolas replied confused.Even though she knew it was coming, it still hurt. She knew that this was what was to happen, she betrayed King Thranduil-who took her in, and now she must pay.“You may tell my father, if there is no place for Tauriel then there is no place for me.” Legolas replied.“Legolas, it is your king’s command.” Tauriel said with her head slightly bowed. She could not let him suffer for what she did.“Yes, he is my King,” Legolas replied in Elvish, “but he does not command my heart.”Then Legolas started to walk away, she followed him.“I ride north, will you come with me?” He asked.“Where to?”“Gundabad.” He replied.They went over to his horse Gael. Legolas made sure the saddle was secure while Tauriel petted the horse’s neck.“How did he get here?” Tauriel asked, shocked.“I do not know, he must have sensed danger when we left and followed us.” Legolas replied.“You know you did not have to do what you did.” Tauriel looked down at her feet. She could never be with Legolas even if she wanted to.“Tauriel,” Legolas said in a soft tone that he used when he talked about something he cared about, He lifted her chin up, “I have known you for a very long time, and I will not abandon you as your family has.”She said nothing about how her family was alive. He thought they were dead, so she left it at that.“Also, we have important work elsewhere.” He said as he got onto Gael. He held out his hand for Tauriel and when she gave it to him he pulled her onto his horse and they rode away.

As they sat in the rocks outside of the fortress, waiting for the cover of night, Tauriel thought about what Legolas had said about Gundabad being the place where his mother died. She never told him about her mother, she did not think it important.“I watched orcs kill my mother in cold blood.” She said aloud silently. Legolas looked at her, she kept her gaze on the fortress. “I was with my brother and sister in the family room. Then someone started banging the door down. My mother took them and ran down in the cellar to hide them, and grabbed my bow and arrows my father made for me. My mother came up from the cellar with her bow and arrows. People were screaming outside.“Suddenly, orcs streamed into our home and my mother and I fought hard. My mother saw three orcs heading into the cellar and told me to stay where I was and to make sure no more orcs entered. Then after what seemed like an eternity I went down to the cellar.“My mother was fighting two orcs at once and had already killed one. Then one of them drove his sword through her. I shot him in the throat and when the other turned around I shot him in the heart.“I ran to her side, I held her, and she told me to take my brother and sister and to flee to Mirkwood and to find her brother and father. She told me to never forget who I was, before she died in my arms.”Tauriel hated to cry in front of anyone, but her mother’s memory was too strong.“Who is her father and brother? What was her name?” Legolas asked thinking he could help somehow.“Her name was Almirthara. Her brother’s name was Dyffros. Once I came to Mirkwood I tried looking for them, Dyffros was killed in battle alongside his father and my grandmother died giving birth to my mother.” Tauriel replied shaking her head.“Almirthara was well known, she-“He stopped. She knew what he was going to say.“-She fell in love with a dwarf and disappeared one day. Is that why you care about the dwarves of Erebor?”She nodded, “Since I can never return to Mirkwood I suppose it does not matter if I tell you…Lyra is my sister.”“Why would it matter if an Elf is your sister? I remember her, she was the daughter…”He couldn’t finish his sentence, he didn’t have to, Tauriel knew what he would say.“The King of Erebor is your father. You told me he was dead.” Legolas said in disbelief.“When you told me that your father was Thranduil I knew I couldn’t. Not even King Thranduil knows of my dwarf history.”They sat in silence for a while. Tauriel soon caught herself starting to drift. She shook her head and tried to stay awake. Next thing she knew, she was asleep.

Chapter Eleven

“Do you see any?” Young Legolas called smiling.“The chances of finding dwarves in Mirkwood are small.” Young Tauriel called back.“Keep looking!” he called ducking under a bush.They had been out in the woods searching for dwarves for hours. It was early afternoon and they had been out since early morning.“Maybe I might find some if I climb that tree.” Tauriel called while pointing at the nearest tree.“Good thinking Tauriel!” said Legolas still hiding.Tauriel climbed to the top and looked around the forest. No dwarf to be seen. She sat on the biggest branch and hugged her knees to her chest, she wanted to scream for her father. She felt like a lost child-which she was. Tauriel regretted all the times she told her father she hated him, all the times she was jealous of her father’s love for Lyra and Lain. The image of her father’s face when she first yelled at him and insulted his kin. It was shock and pain and anger all mixed together.“Find me.” she said aloud in a whisper, “Find me.”Suddenly, she heard a scream.“TAURIEL!”She climbed down from the tree and ran to find Legolas. She feared the worst.“Legolas!” she screamed with tears in her eyes.Just then, an orc jumped out from behind a bolder and slashed her left arm, she held it to her chest and fought with the small sword she had. Before the orc could scream she slashed off his head.“I smell the blood of Oakenshield, find it!” an orc shouted.Tauriel almost couldn’t move, it was the first time she heard her father’s name in forever. Twenty orcs came her way, she ran. Not because she was afraid, because she knew she had to find Legolas. Five soon surrounded her, she fought them single handedly-literally. Then a horn was blown and more Elves came.            *        *          *“How could you?!” Thranduil shouted at Legolas, “Not only did you put yourself in danger, but Tauriel as well! She cannot train or fight for several weeks!”“I am sorry father, but we were just playing…”Legolas stopped, Tauriel stood there with her arm in a cast. Never had either of them see Thranduil so angry as well as relieved. Thranduil turned his back on them and looked at his throne.“My men say the orcs were looking for someone, someone with the blood of Oakenshield.” He spat the name like it was a curse word that should never be said, “If they come back I want to be sure you are both safe, you will stay within our walls even after Tauriel’s arm heals.”“But My King,” Tauriel gasped, “by the time my arm heals I shall be desiring to go out into the woods.”“I cannot risk the safety of you both.” Said Thranduil turning around and walking towards Tauriel, “Since I found you in the woods many years ago I have taken it upon myself to make sure you are looked after.” He then put a hand on her shoulder, “Perhaps this will soon be done with and we shall have nothing to worry about.”Legolas and Tauriel then left, both a little unhappy.“I really thought we would find some dwarves this time!” Legolas said disappointed, “But instead we find orcs and isolation!”“We will still get to see other Elves, it is not as if we are being shut in our chambers.” Tauriel reminded him.*           *             *“Tauriel. Tauriel, wake up.” Said a voice that sounded far away.Tauriel awoke to Legolas gently shaking her shoulder. He shook his head with a small smile.“Never have I known you to fall asleep in the middle of a job.” He said in Elvish.“Forgive me, I must not be myself today.” Tauriel replied in Elvish as she rubbed her eyes, the sky was darker than when she fell asleep.After a few minutes, Tauriel thought it was dark enough.“If we are going in we should move now.” Taureil said in Elvish.Suddenly, giant bats came out of nowhere screaming. Legolas and Tauriel ducked in hopes they would not be seen. Once the bats flew away from them they came back up and looked out at the fortress as the bats flew towards it.“They are swarming.” Tauriel gasped in Elvish.“These bats are bred for one purpose.” Legolas replied.“For what?” Tauriel asked, even though the answer was fairly obvious.“For war.”Then they saw an orc on a wolf appear on the rocks, it was the same orc who shot Kili in the knee. He looked their way, Tauriel was worried that they could be seen and ducked a little, but Legolas did not duck. He stared at the orc with distain-as if there is another way to look at an orc.The orc then shouted something in his foul language. Horns blew and an army of orcs marched out of the fortress.“We must warn the others!” Tauriel gasped in Elvish.“We may be too late!” Legolas gasped as well in Elvish as he turned to her. He stood up and quickly went back down, “Hurry!”Tauriel followed him, hoping they weren’t too late.

Chapter Twelve

 Several days/weeks earlier.
“Where are we going?” asked Thor shaking from either the cold or fear.
“We are going to Dale.” Lyra replied grabbed some supplies and then picking Thor up.
“I’m cold.” He moaned.
“I know, we shall be somewhere warm soon.” She assured him.
They walked for days before they finally reached the old city below the mountain. Erebor was silent, Lyra could not tell if anyone was alive inside or if Smaug slayed them all before burning Laketown.
“Please be alive!” she begged.
They walked into the city and some of the older men and woman looked at it, ready to cry. Lyra knew that they must have been children when it happened and remembered the whole thing.
“Sire! Sire!” Alfred called to Bard.
Lyra knew Bard hated being called that and wondered (a) why didn’t tell Alfred to stop every time he did it and (b) why he even trusted Alfred!
After Alfred pointed something out to Bard he called down to the people to get fires going and that they would be making camp there. Lyra handed one of the woman the supplies and held Thor. She noticed people staring at her a lot more than usual, it was because of her ears. She kept her focus on Thor, who was still shivering.
“Get him to a fire.” Bard said from behind her, “Keep him warm as well as yourself.”
“I am alright, it is him I am concerned about.” She replied.
Bard grabbed a blanket from one of the woman handing them out and draped it over her shoulders, “You have never been a very good liar. You’re honest about your concern for him, but lying about not being cold yourself.”
“What was Alfred showing you?” she asked pulling the blanket closer with her free hand.
“The dwarves survived, the beckons at the door are lite.” He replied, “You should go to them, they are your kin.”
“I told my cousin Kili that I would join them once I knew the people of Laketown were back on their feet.” Lyra replied now cradling Thor.
Bard smiled, “I hope your father is as true to his word as you are of yours.”
He then went off to check on the others. She went over to a fire and tried to keep herself and Thor warm.
“Ya can’t be here!” Alfred came over to the fire and looked at Lyra.
“Says who?” she asked annoyed, “I don’t answer to the likes of you anymore!”
“You’re an Elf! An outsider.” He replied. Then he grabbed the collar of her coat and dragged her into a dark spot, “You’re the daughta of that dwarf Oakenshield, you should be with them!”
“I must help these people. They have suffered, something you would never understand you coward!” she snapped as she held Thor closer.
Alfred pushed her away, almost knocking her over. “Get outta here! Your kind ain’t wanted!”
“I will not!” she growled.
Suddenly, she heard a baby crying and went to see if there was anything she could do. One of the woman made a carrier for Thor and Lyra slipped it-with him in it-on her back and then helped try to feed the children and the wounded, but there was very little food. She tended to the wounded all night and never slept.
As she wrapped clean bandages around one boy’s head she heard cheering. Did her father come to their rescue? Once she finished what she was doing she went out to join the others. The Elves of Mirkwood had come to help! They gave food and supplies, but Lyra knew they must have mostly come to get something from the mountain.
She tried looking for Bard, but instead found an elk who seemed to like her. He licked her face.
“Hello there. Where did you come from?” she said petting him as she smiled.
“Who are you?” asked someone in a stern voice.
She jumped and turned to see a blonde-haired elf who seemed to be very powerful.
“Forgive me, is this your elk?” Lyra asked moving away from the elk, “I just found him here alone.”
“How is it an Elf is among Men?” he asked as he mounted his elk.
“Everyone wishes to know that it seems.” She replied, “I came to Laketown as a child, I have lived here.”
“You look familiar, not in a good way.” He said with so much stiffness is his voice it was like he had no emotions at all.
“I am afraid I do not know why.” She replied. Suddenly it hit her, this was King Thranduil. He must have been thinking of her father Thorin. She had to get away from him, “I must be going.”
“Lyra.” Moaned Thor as he started to wake up, “I’m hungry.”
“I know, do not worry. We shall get you some food soon.” She went away from Thranduil and went to see Percy about getting some food for Thor.
“What about you?” he asked handing her a bowl of soup for Thor.
“He is my main concern.” She replied taking the bowl and setting it down. The she took off the carrier and took Thor out of it. She feed him the soup and then he seemed to perk up. He kept a blanket around him, but he followed her everywhere and was able to keep up.
“Lyra,” said Bard coming over, “we need to talk.”
They both went to a look out and ducked down so no one could see them.
“You have to leave.” Bard said in a grave tone.
“Did Alfred say something?” she asked annoyed.
“No, why?”
“He knows, he must have over heard us somehow.” She replied.
“It’s not that. Thorin will not honor his agreement. He will not give the people of Laketown the riches he promised. If Thranduil finds out who you are he will use you to get to him.” Bard’s voice was now filled with worry, “Please, you must leave.”
“Where am I to go? I cannot go to the mountain, it doesn’t seem safe.” Lyra said as Thor stayed close by her side.
“You will have to if you are to stay alive.” Bard replied.
“Bard!” shouted Thranduil. Lyra ducked deeper as Bard stood.
“Yes My Lord Thranduil?” Bard called down.
“If you see the young Elf who lives among you named Lyra bring her to me. She may be the answer to her problem.” Thranduil replied.
Bard nodded and a moment letter came back down. “Alfred does know, he was standing next to Thranduil smirking.”
“I have no choice, I must make my way towards the mountain.” She said shaking her head.
“Be careful, the Elves are watching closely at that mountain.” Said Bard.
Lyra nodded and looked at Thor, “You shall come with me.”
“Where are we going?” asked Thor.
“To my home.”

Chapter Thirteen

They neared the mountain, but the entrance had been blocked by many stones and there was no bridge across the stream in front.
“Hello?” she called up to the top, “Is anyone there?”
There was not a sound coming from inside the mountain.
“Are you sure there are people inside?” asked Thor.
“It is I! Lyra!” she called.
“Lyra?” said a voice. The face that belonged to the voice peeked over the side.
“Bilbo Baggins!” she sighed in relief, “I am glad to see you alive and well.”
“Alive that may be, but not well.” He replied, “One moment and I shall help you up.”
He dropped a rope and Lyra helped Thor climb over the stone face of her
Great-grandfather. Then she had Thor tied around the waist and had Bilbo-with what strength he had-pull him up. Then once Thor was at the top Bilbo untied him and threw the rope down to Lyra so she could climb up.
“Thank goodness you are alive!” Bilbo said once Lyra was at the top.
“I am not the one who was face to face with the dragon.” She reminded him, “Why has father refused to help the people of Laketown? Some of those people helped me when I came to them!”
“Dragon sickness. Thorin has caught it. He is not himself. He’s changed.” Bilbo said sadly.
“Where is the locket?” she asked.
“I gave it to Dwalin, maybe he can do something to talk some sense into him.” Bilbo replied.
“I would try myself, but I could not stand to see him like that.” Lyra said with a rock in her throat, “I would, however, like to see my cousins.”
“They are all asleep, but just wait here for me to come back and you’ll see them.” Bilbo smiled.
“Where are you going at this time of night?”
“I have a plan that is dangerous, but could work. To avoid war.” Bilbo replied.
“I pray it shall work. To go to war over the mountain would be ill for all.” Lyra picked Thor up as he was about to fall asleep.
“Who is this?”
“This is Thor, he’s mother was killed when Smaug attacked. I am his family now and he is mine.” She replied, “You better leave before anyone wakes up.”
“Yes, I shall be back soon.” He replied throwing the rope back down and climbing out of the mountain.
“Rest, Thor.” She said sitting down and having his head on her lap, “Dream of happier times.”
*              *                 *
“Lyra?” said a voice.
She awoke to find that it was still pretty dark. Fili knelt down in front of her.
“Fili!” she gasped excited.
He hugged her and Kili joined them. Suddenly, Thor began to stir.
“Who’s this?” Fili asked messing with Thor’s hair.
“Thor, his mother was killed when Smaug attacked and his father died long before then. I am the only family he has.” She replied.
Thor rubbed his eyes and saw the two dwarves and hugged Lyra in fright. He moaned a little.
“It is alright Thor, these are my cousins. They are my family, which makes them yours.” Lyra said smiling.
Kili held out his hands and Thor put his in them and then smiled a little.
“Lyra, the others are getting ready for battle, it’s not safe for you here.” Fili insisted.
“I cannot see my father if he is not himself.” She replied.
Kili nodded, “Come with us.”
She stood and Thor took Kili and Fili’s hands, looking so small compared to them. Lyra smiled at the sight and followed them. They led her to a small room and told her to stay there for a while and that she and Thor would be safe.
“I want to fight too!” Thor said excited, “I want to wear armor!”
Fili smiled and picked Thor up, “You’re too young right now, but I have a special job that you must do. Protect Lyra.”
“Can you do that?” Kili asked.
Thor nodded, “I still need armor.”
Fili and Kili laughed and Lyra smiled.
“Here,” said Fili giving Thor his two favorite knives that Lyra replied him carrying around everywhere, “Use these if anyone should come with means of harming you or Lyra.”
“I would give you my bow, but I lost it.” Said Kili then turning to Lyra, “It was actually your old bow.”
“My bow!” she cried remembering it, “At least I know it wasn’t something my father had sitting around to remind himself of his lost children.”
“It was for a while, but then he gave it to me.” Kili replied.
“Kili! Fili!” Thorin shouted.
Lyra wanted to hide at the sound of her father’s voice.
“Coming!” Fili shouted then turned to Lyra, “Stay safe.”
She hugged her cousins and feared that this might be the last time she would hug them. They then gave Thor a hug and said how he was a good kid and seemed pretty brave. Then they hurried before Thorin came looking for them.


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