The Heir to Erebor: Chapters Eight and Nine

Chapter Eight

Lyra looked out from her favorite spot at the mountain. It had been a couple days since the dwarves left, she couldn’t help feeling small in the darkness that surrounded her. She would unconsciously reach for her locket and then remember that Bilbo Baggins had it. She didn’t regret giving it to him. Two years before her village had been attacked she couldn’t sleep and walked down stairs to see her father. He sang the song about the day Erebor had been attacked as he stood by the fire.“Papa,” moaned a tired little Elf. He turned and his expression became soft, “I can’t sleep.”He smiled and picked her up and sat in his chair, “Why my daughter?”“I was thinking about something I heard Aunt Dis say, wegwet (Regret). Tauwiel (Tauriel) told me what it meant and I was thinking if thewe (There) was anything I wegwetted (Regretted).” Lyra replied.“Lyra, you are young there is nothing you should regret. You should never worry about things when you are young.” Thorin said holding her close, she never felt as safe as she was when she was in her father’s arms.“You awe (Are) not young, is thewe (There) anything you wegwet (Regret) or wowwy (Worry) about?” Lyra asked innocently.He laughed a little, “I regret not being able to help my brother, grandfather, and father. I worry that I will become an unworthy king when I take back Erebor, but that is nothing you should worry about.”“They youw (Your) wowwies (Worries) and not mine?” she asked.“Exactly.” Said Thorin as he carried her back to bed.Lyra never understood what he meant when he told her what he worried, but as she got older she understood. He was afraid of catching the sickness that the gold was said to be cursed with. She didn’t regret giving Bilbo the locket because perhaps it would help her father incase anything should happen.Suddenly, she heard faint footsteps. She slowly stood up and-with quiet steps-she went to where she heard the sound. As she walked past an open door and sword stuck out in front of her throat. It was so unexpected and sudden she lost her breath and almost fainted.Then out of the darkness came a blonde-haired elf with bright blue eyes with a serious look on his face.“What is it a young human like you should be out this late?” he asked.“I-I was out for an evening stroll.” She replied.He still had his blade close to her throat. She got annoyed and took off her bandana. He stared at her wide-eyed.“An Elf?! Among humans?!” he made it sound like it was a crime.Then another elf came from behind him. A She-elf. A familiar face at that. She remembered the picture of her mother and this Elf looked a lot like her, but there was something different about her.“How is it that two elves should be here?” She asked as she carefully put her fingers on the blade and pushed it down.“Our business is our own.” The blonde elf said sternly.The She-elf pushed him out of the way and moved forward, “We are looking for the dwarves that may have come this way.”“They were here, they went to the mountain except for four.” Lyra replied trying to decide if she should give them away. She also had a feeling that was not what the blonde-haired elf had in mind for what they were doing.“One of them, a brown black-haired archer, was hit with a poisoned arrow.” The She-elf replied.Lyra felt her heart stop. She knew Kili was ill, but not poisoned. She could tell by the tone of the She-elf’s voice that she meant well.“There,” she said pointing at Bard’s house, “Kili has been ill for days, I’m surprised he’s made it this long.”“I never said his name, how do you know it?” The She-elf had her hands on some knives.“He is family. My cousin.” Lyra said in a stern tone that was not her own.“You are a daughter of Thorin Oakenshield?” she asked. Lyra nodded, “Lyra?”“Tauriel!” Lyra almost cried in relief. Tauriel was about to hug her but Lyra stopped her, “We may celebrate later, I know no Elvish healing. You have been taught well. Go to Kili!”Tauriel nodded, “You are not the Elf I once knew.”“You are the same one I knew.” Lyra replied, “Now go!”Once they had hurried away Lyra went on her own way. Since everything was quiet she decided to walk around in peace and quiet. When she got home she called inside.“Saalme! I shall be going on a walk.”“Okay. Hurry home!” Saalme called in reply.Lyra walked through the town, just thinking of her mother; whom she hadn’t thought of much. When she was a baby she loved it when her mother sang to her, but when she got older, only her father’s voice could calm her. Her parents never talked about how they fell in love or even how they met. She wondered how her mother felt when her father asked her to marry him.Suddenly, she heard a loud rumble that sounded like and earthquake, a great fear rushed over her…Smaug had awaken!

Chapter Nine

Everyone had awoken to the sound of the dragon and started running around screaming. Lyra knew she had to get Saalme out of Laketown soon. She ran back home, but one of the panicking people of Laketown ran by with a plank of wood-don’t ask-and knocked her out temporary.When she woke, people were screaming even more. She heard them yell that the dragon was coming. She saw her home within reach.“Saalme!” she shouted.Suddenly, fire came pouring onto the house. Smaug flew by and knocked the roof off with his tail and sent wood beams falling. One fell onto Lyra. She tried pushing one off her left shoulder, a million invisible bees stung her. Finally, she got it off, but her left arm was weak and it hurt to move it. Lyra ran inside screaming for Saalme. She soon found her on the ground with a wood beam on her back and her eyes wide open. Lyra wove through the burning beams, when she reached Saalme’s side she felt for a pulse, nothing.She hurried out of the burning building she once called her home, and ran to Jakob’s-Saalme’s husband-fishing boat, it was about the size of Bard’s. Once she found it not in flames she gathered as many as she could onto the boat. Lyra wanted to go looking for Bard and his family, but she knew they had a boat and he would protect them as well as Fili and Kili.She jumped on and two of the men on it pushed off and headed towards shore. So many little children cried at the sight of the dragon. Lyra got shivers up her spine. Then she went over to one of the women.“Try and keep the children quiet, we cannot risk being seen by the dragon.” She instructed.The woman nodded and did as she was told. One of the men walked up to Lyra. His name was Jared, he was about the same age as Bard.“Where’s Saalme?” he asked.“She is dead. I could not get to her in time.” Lyra replied.“I’m sorry for your loss.”She looked off at Laketown and watch Smaug bump into the bell tower and another person screamed in agony.“Everyone has lost something or someone. Their hardships are far greater than mine.” She replied as a tear slipped from her eye.“Goodness! You’re an elf!” he gasped.Lyra realized she forgot to put her bandana back on, now her secret was out.“Yes.” She replied simply.Once they got to shore everyone got off and as Lyra and Jared got ready to go back and get more people she heard Smaug shout. She turned towards Laketown and saw him flying upwards screaming and gasping, then his eyes grew dark and he fell on top Laketown. Smaug was dead!“Ring the bells!” Jared cheered turning towards the others on shore, “Smaug is dead!”“We must hurry and save who we can.” Lyra reminded.So they went back to Laketown and-even though it was still burning-walked through to gather people and get them out of some burning buildings. Lyra got burned many times, but she didn’t stop.By dawn, there were hundreds of survivors on shore crying for the loss of their loved ones. Lyra walked to the edge of the water and looked out at the burning town that was once her home.“Da!” she heard a familiar voice cry. It was Tilda, Bard’s youngest daughter.She ran to find them, soon she found Sigrid and Tilda with Tauriel.“Lyra!” Tilda cried as she ran to hug her.“Thank goodness you all are alive!” Lyra cried as she hugged Tilda.“Lyra.” Said Tauriel looking like she was ready to cry.Lyra went over to her long lost sister and hugged her. If only their father was there, or even Lain.“I’m glad you made it out.” Said Tauriel.Lyra thought this was unusual, but Tauriel had spent most of her life with Elves; who tend to hide their emotions. Lyra had spent most of her life with humans-and we all know what they are like!“As am I.” Lyra replied looking behind her, “Where’s Fili and Kili? Did they make it out?”“Yes.” Tauriel replied leading the way to where they were.Bofur, the other dwarf, and Fili and Kili were trying to push a small boat out onto the lake. Kili saw them and went over to them.“Lyra!” he cheered and hugged her.“Kili.” She smiled.He let go of her and looked her in the eyes, “We were just about to head to the mountain, join us! Thorin will welcome you gladly.”“I promised my father once Smaug was dead I would, but these people have nothing and have suffered. I must help them get back on their feet before I join my kin.” Lyra replied.“You were always one to help others.” Kili smiled, referring to the last time they saw each other.“Let father know that I will join you soon.” She replied. He nodded and then she turned and walked with Sigrid and Tilda.“We can’t find Da anywhere!” Tilda said with panic in her voice.Lyra knelt down and looked Tilda in the eye, “Your father Bard is a strong and brave man, as is your brother. We will find them.”They walked around looking for Bard. The Lyra saw a little boy hugging his knees and crying as he sat next to a woman lying dead. He had dark hair and blood shot green eyes.“Stay with him,” Sigrid said with a hand on Lyra’s shoulder, “Tilda and I will try and find our father.”Lyra nodded and knelt beside the boy, “What is your name?”“Thor.” He said in a small voice.“Is this your mother?” she asked. He nodded, “Where is your father?”“Dead when I was three.” He replied.“How old are you?”“Six.” He started to cry, “I don’t have brothers or sisters!”“Hey,” she patted his back softly, “you are not alone. I shall stay with you.”He crawled into her lap and she held him. It made her think of what it must have been like for Tauriel when she protected her and Lain.“Will you be like my sister?” he moaned.“Yes, I will.” She replied smiling.He curled up and fell asleep. She stroke his head and sang the song her father always sang.


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