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The Heir to Erebor: Chapters Eight and Nine

Chapter Eight

Lyra looked out from her favorite spot at the mountain. It had been a couple days since the dwarves left, she couldn’t help feeling small in the darkness that surrounded her. She would unconsciously reach for her locket and then remember that Bilbo Baggins had it. She didn’t regret giving it to him. Two years before her village had been attacked she couldn’t sleep and walked down stairs to see her father. He sang the song about the day Erebor had been attacked as he stood by the fire.“Papa,” moaned a tired little Elf. He turned and his expression became soft, “I can’t sleep.”He smiled and picked her up and sat in his chair, “Why my daughter?”“I was thinking about something I heard Aunt Dis say, wegwet (Regret). Tauwiel (Tauriel) told me what it meant and I was thinking if thewe (There) was anything I wegwetted (Regretted).” Lyra replied.“Lyra, you are young there is nothing you should regret. You should never worry about things when you are young.” Thorin said holding her…