The Heir to Erebor: Chapters Six and Seven

Chapter 6

“Lyra! Could you go and get some potatoes from the market? We’ve run out!” Saalme called from the kitchen.
“Yes Saalme!” Lyra called as she slipped on her boots and grabbed her faded pink coat and a sack.When she was small she fell into a river and almost drowned. Then a fisherman was out on his boat and pulled her out of the water and took her home to his wife. Lyra lived with them and grew fond of them and their daughter who was married to a man named Bard and had three children. Two years after her rescue the man died, leaving his wife Saalme and Lyra. Years later, Bard’s wife died. Lyra was all Saalme had.Lyra pulled her dark purple bandana over her ears a little more, the man, Saalme, and Bard were the only ones who knew she was an Elf. They talked about taking her to Mirkwood, but it never happened. Lyra didn’t mind though. Laketown was a poor town and she wanted to help it.When she got to the market she went straight to the stand with fresh vegetables. After buying the potatoes she put them into her sack.“Well if it ain’t lil’ Miss Queen of the world?” said a voice in her ear.“Hello Alfred.” She groaned.Alfred was the most disliked person in Laketown-next to the Master. He liked bullying Lyra best out of everyone.“What cha’ got there?” he asked grabbing her sack.She pulled it away, “Nothing of importance.”He tried to grab it again, but she pulled away. Right as he was about to slap her a hand grabbed his wrist.“Alfred, should I tell the Master you have been trying to steal?” asked Bard.“I wasn’t stealin’ I wanted to inspect in her sack!” Alfred replied.Truth be told, he was also known for taking at least one of whatever some people bought in the market.“Best you leave.” Bard replied.Alfred snarled and walked away. Bard turned to Lyra, “Are you alright?”“Fine, he just scares me is all.” Lyra replied, “I best get back to Saalme’s, she asked for some potatoes.”“Could you tell her I went off to pick up something from the Elves?” he asked, “I don’t want her to worry.”“Of course. Good day Bard.” Said Lyra leaving.She held her sister’s locket. Tauriel gave it to Lyra so that she would never forget her parents’ faces. She never forgot their faces, but she did forget their names. She remembered the last day she saw her father before he left to go hunting was when she was half asleep and he promised to do whatever she wanted when he got back. She said she wanted to build a snowman. He promised. For so long she thought her father would find her, but he never did.Lyra went to a special spot where she would go to be alone by the lake. She then opened the locket and looked at the picture of her mother and father, the memory pained her, and it grabbed at her heart with everything it had.Then she looked at Erebor, remembering the stories her father told of how one day he would return to the mountain to slay the dragon Smaug and reclaim their homeland. She dreamed of the day when that would be so!Lyra realized what time it was and then went home, wiping a tear from her eye.

Hours later, as she laid in her warm bed, she heard noises. Chattering, which was unusual for that time of night. She slipped out of bed and threw off her nightgown. After changing into clothing and slipping on her boots she grabbed her coat and went outside, quietly closing the door behind her in hopes of not awaking Saalme.Lots of people were talking in the main square. Lyra caught a few words. Dwarves. Dragons. A mountain’s worth of gold. Her head was spinning, was what her father said coming true? Had he returned to reclaim Erebor?Lyra ran for the square, grasping her locket. When she reached it she saw thirteen shadows before a hand grabbed her arm and spun her around.“Where ya think you’re goin’?” asked Alfred.“Why should I reply to the likes of you?!” Lyra was filled with so much hope her father had come that she grew mad at Alfred for stopping her from finding out. She spit in his face.Then he yanked something off her neck, the locket.“What ha’ we got here?” he asked looking at it.It was oval with an oak tree carved into it. She remembered the story of how her father defeated Azog the Defiler with an oaken branch as a shield.“That’s mine!” she snapped trying to grab it, but he had a firm grip on her arm and held it away from her.She spun and twisted free from his grip. She kicked him to try and make him drop it. Lyra tried to remember all the skills her father taught her. Alfred slapped her hard across the face, causing her to fall and threw the locket aside. It almost went through a crack in the ground when a hand quickly grabbed it.Suddenly, a dwarf-while holding the locket-pushed Alfred away and growled.“Do not touch her!” he snapped in a deep voice.“This ain’t over Sweetie!” Alfred snarled as he pointed at her, then he walked away hunched over.Lyra tried getting up and a hand helped her. It was the dwarf, he was still glaring.“Where did you get this?” he demanded when she was back on her feet.“It was my sister’s.” she replied trying to take it back. She was desperate to get it back.“Who gave it to her?” he asked.“Our mother and father had it made for her on her birthday.” Lyra replied.The dwarf opened it and looked at it for a moment. Like he had seen it before.He handed it to her, “How is it you are out this late?”“I heard of dwarves returning to the mountain, my father told me when I was small that he would someday reclaim Erebor. I was hoping to find him here.” She replied hugging the locket to her chest.“What does your father look like?” he asked.She pointed at the picture of her father in the locket, “He looks like this.”Lyra looked at the picture of her father and looked at the dwarf. The dwarf had a little bit more of a beard than her father had at the time, but their eyes were the same.“Was your mother’s name Almirthara?” he asked.“Yes!” she gasped remembering her mother’s name now that she heard it again.“Lyra.” He said in relief.She realized this dwarf was her father! She hugged him, he embraced her as if he was afraid some force was going to pull her away.“Tauriel said you drowned!” he gasped letting her go.“Tauriel! She’s alive?” Lyra gasped.“Yes! I have found you both!” he embraced her again.“Thorin?” said someone behind him surprised.He turned around, “Bofur, allow me to introduce Lyra, my daughter.”The look on Bofur’s face was amazement. The other dwarves turned and Thorin sounded as if he was ready to shout to the top of his lungs and awaken Smaug.“Come, you must join us.” Thorin said to Lyra.Lyra thought how horrified Saalme would be if she had found that Lyra was gone, but it was a small town, so it wouldn’t be hard to find her.She nodded and went with the dwarves inside the Master’s house. They spent the whole night relaxing and also celebrating the return of Thorin Oakenshield’s daughter. After one of the dwarves-who Lyra later learned was named Bombur-was confused and wondered why Thorin married a human Thorin removed the bandana from her head and showed everyone that she was an Elf and told them he married an Elf. Lyra was afraid everyone would laugh at the great Thorin Oakenshield for marrying an Elf, but Thorin seemed to not be ashamed.“Lyra.” Said Thorin calling her over. He was talking to a Halfling, “This is our burglar, Master Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo, this is my daughter Lyra.”“Yes, hello. A pleasure.” Bilbo said bowing his head slightly, obviously not sure what to do.“The pleasure is all mine.” Lyra replied smiling.“Lyra!” screamed a friendly voice.She turned and saw a brownish blackish haired dwarf limping towards her with a smile on his face that was worth more than the gold in Erebor.“Kili!” she shouted as she ran to join her old play mate and friend and cousin.A lighter haired dwarf was behind him and smiling as well. They all hugged each other. Lyra was beginning to fear that this was all just a dream that she would wake up from and find that her family was dead and she alone.“Oh Lyra!” gasped Fili, “It’s been so long. For years we thought you and your brother and sister dead!”“But they are dead.” Said Kili terribly confused.Before Fili could say anymore another dwarf pulled him away. Kili and Lyra talked alone for a bit before it got later and things started to settle down. Lyra sat in a big chair by the fire and listened as the dwarves sang of the Lonely Mountain and what it was like the day Smaug took it over. She started to drift as she remembered all those nightmares she had as a child and nothing would help her sleep except her father singing that song, not even her mother singing an Elvish lullaby. Before she knew it she was fast asleep.

Chapter 7

Lyra woke to the sound of birds singing. She was no longer in the chair she fell asleep in, she had been moved to a huge bed. Bigger and comfier than the hard hay-stuffed mattress she had been sleeping in before. She rubbed her eyes and got out of bed, the morning air was cold, she wanted to crawl back under the sheets, but she had to get up. She slipped her boots back on and grabbed her coat. Even though the other dwarves knew she was an Elf no one in the town did, so Lyra tied her bandana back on.
She heard cheering outside. A sudden fear came over her, what if they had left already? She ran out of the room and outside. Soon she made it to where there was a boat that would take the dwarves to Erebor. Her heart was pounding with worry. That worry had stopped when she ran straight into her father and almost fell over, he caught her though.“Slow down my daughter!” he gasped practically laughing, “Why are you in such a hurry?”“I…was afraid you…left already.” Lyra replied out of breath.He smiled, “My dear, I would have never left with saying goodbye, but it will not be for long. You and your sister shall join us in Erebor soon.”“I long to go with you and help, but I know it’s too dangerous for me. There are some dangers I cannot face.” Lyra looked at her feet, she hated that she could go with her father. What if he died trying to defeat the dragon? What if something even more terrible happen to him?“Lyra,” Thorin lifted her head up to look her in the eyes, “I have never been good with keeping promises, and you know that, but this will not be the last time we see each other.”She threw her arms around Thorin and embraced him, “I will see you again father, I promise.”He let her go and smiled. Then she turned around and saw Fili and Kili. Kili looked terribly gray in the face. He was clearly ill.“Come to see us off?” asked Fili smiling.“Of course! I wouldn’t miss it.” Lyra smiled as she hugged him.“Just think, we shall all be in the mountain and our-mine and Kili’s-mother and sister will be there!” said Fili.“Aunt had another child?” Lyra said confused.“Yes,” said Kili, “that’s why when we were small we left the village to see some distant relations, mother wanted to tell them in person.”“What is the child’s name?”“Yarabella. Kili picked it.” Fili replied, “Of course we call her Bella.”“Lovely name.” Lyra replied turning to Kili, “Cousin, you look awful. Shouldn’t you stay and rest?”“Lyra, I feel fine. I look worse than I actually feel.” He insisted. She could tell he was lying.“Kili, we should be going.” Said Fili.Kili gave Lyra a weak hug and then the two brothers went to join the rest of them.“Worried?” asked Bilbo Baggins as he walked up to her.“Yes, you’ll watch after my father won’t you?” she asked.“I’m sure he can take care of himself.” Bilbo reminded her.“That treasure is said to be cursed. I couldn’t bare it if he fell under its spell. Do whatever you have to do to make sure he does not go mad or anything.” Lyra did not know Bilbo very well, but he seemed like a very worthy and loyal person, she wondered if all hobbits were like that.“I promise Lyra. He is my friend-I guess you could say. I shall do what I can.” Bilbo replied.“Thank you.” Said Lyra handing something to Bilbo, it was Tauriel’s locket, “When he needs a reminder of who he is.”Bilbo nodded as he took the locket and then went off to join the others. Then Lyra heard someone calling for her. It was a woman’s voice.“Saalme!” she gasped realizing how terrified she must have been.She ran to find her and then bumped into Bard.“Where are you going in such a hurry?” asked Bard.Lyra told him what happened. She spoke so fast he could barely keep up, but once she told him how her father was Thorin Oakenshield his face grew dark.“He goes to that mountain and awaken the dragon it will destroy us!” he said annoyed.“I honestly don’t know how he plans to kill the dragon, but hopefully it will not affect Laketown in anyway.” Lyra replied, “Please tell no one what I have just told you. If they found out I am his daughter who knows what the Master or Alfred will do!”“I will not breathe his name again.” Bard promised.Lyra then ran off to find Saalme, soon enough she found Saalme with Alfred holding her wrist.“Ah, there you are you little imp.” Said Alfred.“What is the meaning of this?” she spat in a way that sounded like her father.“I was wondering where you were and I thought I’d ask Saalme here. She didn’t know where you were either.” Alfred replied tightening his grip on her wrist.Lyra had one of the most dangerous things anyone could possess, the anger of a dwarf. She remembered feeling so weak and helpless when she was young, she swore she would never be that way again! Lyra kicked Alfred between his legs, he let go of Saalme. Lyra pushed Saalme out of the way and while Alfred was still on the ground she kicked him in the stomach.“You are nothing but a coward who messes with the weak to look strong. The way of a coward!” she then left him on the ground and walked with Saalme.“Where were you? I was worried sick! When you weren’t in your room I went out looking for you and ran into him!” Saalme said all at once.“I couldn’t sleep, there was a lot of noise and excitement last night. I went out to see what it was, and I met a face from the past. I was reminded of who I am.” Lyra replied.Saalme didn’t press to see what Lyra meant. They walked to the edge of the peer and saw the dwarves go by.“Dwarves?” said Saalme curious, “What are dwarves doing here?”Lyra didn’t hear the question. She noticed the Fili, Kili, Bofur, and the one with the ear horn-she forgot his name-were not with the others. She would have shouted to see where they were, but they started to get a little further out. But she was able to see Thorin look her way and smile. She smiled back and placed both her hands on her heart. When she was little and had trouble first speaking she’d place both her hands on her heart when she would promise something. Thorin remembered and did the same.“Do you know that dwarf?” Saalme asked.“Someone from my past.” Lyra replied as a tear slid down her cheek.


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