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Who's ready for Camp NaNoWriMo?!?!

I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo! And I'm really pumped for it! Over the April and July camp I'm 
hoping to write my next 50,000 word novel, "Brother, Come Home". Leave a comment below if you're doing Camp NaNoWriMo too!

The Heir to Erebor: Chapters Six and Seven

Chapter 6

“Lyra! Could you go and get some potatoes from the market? We’ve run out!” Saalme called from the kitchen.
“Yes Saalme!” Lyra called as she slipped on her boots and grabbed her faded pink coat and a sack.When she was small she fell into a river and almost drowned. Then a fisherman was out on his boat and pulled her out of the water and took her home to his wife. Lyra lived with them and grew fond of them and their daughter who was married to a man named Bard and had three children. Two years after her rescue the man died, leaving his wife Saalme and Lyra. Years later, Bard’s wife died. Lyra was all Saalme had.Lyra pulled her dark purple bandana over her ears a little more, the man, Saalme, and Bard were the only ones who knew she was an Elf. They talked about taking her to Mirkwood, but it never happened. Lyra didn’t mind though. Laketown was a poor town and she wanted to help it.When she got to the market she went straight to the stand with fresh vegetables. After buying the …