The Heir to Erebor: Chapters Two and Three

Chapter Two

For years he looked for them, but his children were never found. He almost gave up on everything. He resented everyone and everything. He stayed at his sister’s since his home was too painful to look at.
One day, he sat in his chair next to the fireplace and Dis came up to him.
“Brother, could you pick the boys up for me?” She asked ever so sweetly.
“Dis, I cannot. I can no longer walk to that school.” He spat.
Some of the buildings were rebuilt, the school was still in one piece and looked as it had when he left.
Dis put her hands on her hips, “Kili said he could never go to that school without Lyra, but he went! Please.”
“Thorin,” she interrupted, “it is almost my time. I’d rather not have to handle two sons who are such rascals when I feel like I’m hiding all the gold of Erebor inside me!”
Thorin looked at her round belly, he knew she was nervous since Kili almost died in child birth he was so small. He sighed and got out of his chair and grabbed his coat.
When he arrived he saw Fili sitting alone under a pine tree while all the other children were in groups talking-which was unusual for Fili.
“Fili.” Thorin called.
Fili looked up and his smile became bigger than his face (Not sure how that is possible). He ran to Thorin and gave him a hug. Thorin didn’t have the heart to hug his sister’s son in return, but he gave him a small hug anyway.
“Where is your brother?” Thorin asked, worried about a repeat of what happened the day he left.
“He ran back inside to get some school books.” Fili replied looking sad.
“What is wrong, my sister’s son?” he asked.
“Uncle, I miss Tauriel! She was my best friend!” Fili tried not to burst into tears.
Thorin gave him a real loving hug. “I know, Fili. I miss them too. I wish I could find them, but they are gone.”
“We should get Kili.” Said Fili wiping a tear from his face.
Thorin nodded and they went into the school building. They found Kili punching the two boys who were bothering him before and running around so they would catch him. He grabbed a pencil and used it as an arrow in Lyra’s old bow-Thorin gave it to him since he was fond of his cousin. It hit one of the boys, but didn’t hurt them. Kili grabbed a slat and broke it on another boy’s head. The boy he hit with the pencil grabbed Kili and was about to throw him into a desk, but Thorin grabbed the boys’ shirt collars with each hand and dropped them outside the school.
“Uncle!” Kili cried gratefully as he ran to hug him.
Thorin’s heart melted and hugged Kili. “Very foolish, but very brave.”
“They said Lyra couldn’t stand me so she ran away with her siblings and that she was a wicked crossbreed, whatever that means.” Said Kili crying.
Thorin picked him up and smiled, “Don’t ever listen to people who are filled with hate, show people kindness and-if it’s the right person-they will show kindness in return.”
Thorin held Kili with one arm and made sure to have a free hand for Fili to hold. He realized that he may have lost his family, but his sister’s sons needed him. He still had family and he had to be there for them.
Chapter Three

Let us skip many years. To an older Tauriel. One who lost her siblings because of the worst mistake she ever made.
She stood by the river and closed her eyes. She could see Lain stretching out his arm to her as he got carried away by an orc, screaming her name. She saw Lyra trying to swim upstream to her, Tauriel couldn’t reach her though. Then, as she wondered into Mirkwood as the sun fell some orcs began to attack. She fought with every breath that was in her body! Suddenly, Elves surrounded her and fought alongside her. When the fight was won, she fell to her knees; she had not slept since she lost Lyra down the river.
“You there.” Said a sharp voice.
Tauriel looked up and saw an Elf with long blonde hair riding what looked to be an elk like her father would hunt. He had sharp blue eyes and wore a gown made of fine silks and wore a crown of branches with berries on it.
“What is your name?” he asked sliding down from the elk and walking up to her.
She stood, her knees shaking, “Tauriel, my Lord.”
Tauriel could tell he must have either been a king or lord. He walked up to her. She tried with every bit of strength she had left to stand, but she soon fell and he caught her. He picked her up and set her on his elk, getting on behind her.
“We move.” He ordered his men, and Tauriel fell asleep.
When she woke up and was in a fancy room. Golden curtains, wooden walls and wooden beams. Cotton sheets and a fireplace with a big fire burning. It look like how she imagined living inside a tree would be like.
She tried to sit up but someone pushed her down.
“Lie still.” It was a boy with long blonde hair, his face softer than the man’s she came across in the forest.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“Legolas Greenleaf, son of Thranduil.” He replied smiling as he held a cloth against her head, “And you?”
“Tauriel.” She replied, she heard the story of Thranduil, he turned his back on her father’s people when the dragon Smaug took Erebor. If she were found out, the king could kill her or throw her back.
“Where is your family?” Legolas asked and he bandaged her hand.
“Orcs attacked my home, my family is dead.” She lied. She knew her father was sure to be alive, but Lain and Lyra must have been dead.
“You are safe here Tauriel. My father found you and he said you are welcome to stay.” His smile reminded her of her father, it warmed her heart.

“Tauriel!” called a voice.
Tauriel shook herself out of her daydream and turned to see Legolas.
“Yes?” she asked.
Legolas laughed, since she became Captain of the Guard-a great honor bestowed to her by Thranduil-she would go off alone every chance she could to get away and think of what she had lost. She promised herself the day she first lived in Mirkwood that when she was older she would find her father.
“Wake up, do I need to remind the Captain of the Guard that it is time to go on patrol?” he said still laughing. He only ever laughed or smiled when he was with Tauriel.
“I am coming.” She said and she ran past him.
When they reached the gates, Legolas took a group of Elves on the patrol and Tauriel went off on her own with the horn she was given to call in case of anything.
She hid in one of the trees, when she placed her hand on it for support she felt something sticky. She looked and found it was a spider web, one that must come from a huge spider.
“They have come down from the mountain.” She whispered to herself.
Suddenly, she heard Legolas’s horn. She had to go help, he must have found the spiders.
As she hopped from tree to tree, she looked below and saw a dwarf trying fight off a spider without a weapon. Tauriel had to get to Legolas and the others, but she knew she had to help this wanderer.
Tauriel jumped off a tree and onto one spider’s back, as she jumped off it and was in midair she shot another one in the back and landed on the ground and stabbed it in the eye. Then whipped around as the one she jumped on came closer and whacked it in the face twice with her knife before stabbing it in the head. Tauriel then whipped around again and shoot the one the dwarf was fighting in the eye. He turned and looked at her, she tried to remain expressionless like some of the Elves taught her too. The dwarf looked like a face from her past-deep in the past.
A second later she heard another spider behind her and whipped around and whacked it in the face with her bow and then cut it in the face with her dagger.
“Throw me a dagger!” the dwarf shouted, “Quick!”
The spider bit on her bow and she held it there like that for a moment.
“If you think I am giving you a weapon dwarf, you’re mistaken!” she shouted as she quickly stabbed the in front of her in the head and then threw a knife at the one headed towards the dwarf right in the eye!
He stared at her in the eye in amazement. He must have never seen a female fight like a man before. He had brown hair and not much of a beard. His chocolate brown eyes were those she had seen before. It was nagging her mind.
She pulled out some bonds and forced him to turn around and tied his hands.
“Are these your woods? Sorry for the intrusion but it’s a short cut.” Said the dwarf.
“A short cut to what? Mushrooms?” she said sarcastically, but very serious.
“Funny.” He muttered annoyed.
Tauriel push him forward to join the others. She finally found them with a bunch more dwarves.
“Kili! Shouted another dwarf with blonde hair and a beard braided.
Another dwarf next to him turned to see Kili. He had brown/black hair and blue eyes, Tauriel pretended to trip so it would look like she wasn’t in shock.
“Are you alright?” Legolas asked in Elvish and helped her up.
“Yes, I just tripped.” Tauriel replied in Elvish standing up, “Where did these dwarves come from?”
“I do not know.” Legolas replied. He went on to help the other Elves check the dwarves for weapons.
Tauriel kept watch to make sure no dwarves tried to run, the one she had saved would not stop looking at her. She looked away and walked casually towards them.
“Kili, what are you staring at?” the blonde one asked.
“Haven’t we seen that Elf before, Fili?” the dwarf who went by Kili asked.
“Granted, she looks familiar, but don’t stare.” Said the dwarf Fili.
“Do not speak!” she snapped to keep from showing emotion.
She remembered a young dwarf she went to school with, who defended his little brother and Lyra with the help of Lain.
She went over to Legolas. He turned to her and spoke in Elvish, “Are the spiders dead?”
“Yes, but more will come.” Tauriel replied in Elvish, “They’re growing bolder.”
“My Lord,” called another Elf. Legolas went over to him and the Elf held out a sword made by their kin.
“This is an ancient Elvish blade.” Legolas said in Elvish as he held it up, “Forged by my kin.” He turned to the dwarf in fur who Tauriel recognized, “Where did you get this?”
“It was given to me.” said the dwarf in a stern untrusting voice.
Legolas held it to the dwarf’s throat, “Not just a thief, but a liar as well!”
He then commanded that the dwarves be taken to King Thranduil. The elves pushed them forward. Tauriel walked on the outside next to the dwarf in fur, he was staring at her as well, but she knew why. She had a mix of her father’s blue eyes and her mother’s brown eyes. In some light they looked blue, in other’s they looked a light brown. The most unusual thing was that sometimes they even looked green. The rest of her looked like her mother.
“Unless you want to fall on your face, I suggest you watch where you are going.” Tauriel said sternly.
“I do not take orders from an Elf!” he snapped back.
“I’d watch your tongue, Thorin Oakenshield. King Thranduil will not take kindly to you enough as it is.” She advised.
“How is it you have come by my name?” he said with hate.
“Tauriel!” Legolas called.
She turned and looked at Thorin’s face as it went pale. Then she ran ahead to join Legolas.
“Why do you speak to these dwarves?” he asked.
“To warn them of what they are in for.” She smirked.
He smiled back and they walked forward together in silent.

While one of the guards took Thorin to King Thranduil, Tauriel stood guard to keep an eye on things. Many of the dwarves shouted insults at her, all but Fili and Kili of course.
Finally the guard then brought Thorin back and locked him up. After he left, Tauriel got up and as she walked by his cell he grabbed her arm. She tried to pull away, but couldn’t.
“Let go of me!” she snapped.
“You don’t need to pretend.” Thorin said in a soft voice, she stopped struggling, “Lellig (My daughter).”
Tauriel said nothing. She wanted to run away, but she also wanted to hug her father and melt into a puddle of tears.
“You never came, you left me and the twins to fend for ourselves.” She replied quietly so none of the other dwarves could hear her. Her voice was bitter, “I watched mother die and fought to protect Lain and Lyra!”
“The twins, where are they?” Thorin begged.
“Lain was taken by orcs when they attacked and Lyra was swept down river. They’re dead.” She said sinking to her knees.
“Tauriel, Henig (My child).” He said taking her hand.
Tauriel pulled away and ran. Thorin called after, with so much pain and agony in his voice, it was like he was losing her all over again.
She ran into Legolas, he grabbed her, she wouldn’t meet his eyes.
“Tauriel, what is wrong?” he pressed, “Who has hurt you?”
She shook her head and ran off crying, Legolas followed her.
“Please Legolas,” she cried as she ran away, “let me be alone!”
She ran to the woods and hugged her knees and breathed heavily. For so long she was able to forget, but now she was remembering things, it was like she was becoming able to feel something again.
Hours later, Tauriel sat in the hallway in disbelief, she had always dreamed of her father one day finding her, but never thought she would find him.
She thought about her conversation with Lord Thranduil. How could she make Legolas not become fond of her?
“Come Tauriel!” said one of the soldiers, “Join the celebrations!”
“I do not feel much for festivities at the moment.” She replied, “I shall go and check on the dwarves.”
“There’s no need to worry!” he replied, “They are locked up and there is no way for them to escape!”
“Nevertheless.” She replied walking away.
“You never stop working do you?” he called behind her.
She walked down to the dungeons to check on the dwarves. They whispered to each other. She was able to avoid Thorin and walked past Kili’s cell and noticed he was holding a stone of sorts.
She soon started a small conversation with Kili and then was going to leave, when she realized Legolas was watching and thought of a plan. Tauriel continued to talk to Kili, Legolas did not know she and Kili were cousins. She could talk to Kili until Legoilas left and then tell Kili and truth.
“I do not even know your name.” said Kili when Legolas left.
She was about to say it, but then one of the soldiers came to take over.
“Not joining the festivities either?” she asked.
“Legolas requested I take over.” He replied.
Tauriel felt somewhat hurt that she had to deceive him like that, but she had to do it for his own sake.
She went out into the woods to think. She wanted so much to go with her father and cousins to Erebor-the home her father told many stories about, but even if her father would let her the other dwarves would never accept her. Since she was alone, she let herself feel again, tears slid down her face.
She was out for hours before she heard the alarm go off, the dwarves had escaped.

Another soldier soon found her, “Tauriel, the dwarves have escaped.”
“What!?” she gasped jumping up, “Let us go.” She soon ran into Legolas on the way-who had no idea the dwarves escaped.


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