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The Heir to Erebor: Chapters Four and Five

Chapter Four

“Kili!” yelled Fili.
Tauriel couldn’t see what happened, but she knew he must have been injured. She soon saw an 
orc with its sword raised, about to stab Kili, she shot an arrow at the orc and Kili turned to look. 
She shot another orc as it made its way towards Kili. Then she stabbed an orc near her and cut of 
the head of another orc.
“Kill her! Kill the She-Elf!” the biggest orc shouted in their foul language.
Then more Elves appeared and helped her fight. Legolas shot one orc through the head and then 
cut some more down.
She heard Kili moan and turned to see him back in a barrel. She then heard an orc and turned, it 
stuck its arm through her bow holding a knife and tried to stab her, and she whipped around and 
knocked it into the river.
She and Legolas fought side by side at the gate, until the orcs started to follow the Dwarves.
As they floated down river she and some other Elves followed them and killed some orcs on the 
way. Tauriel tried not to laugh as Legolas tried to kee…

The Heir to Erebor: Chapters Two and Three

Chapter Two

For years he looked for them, but his children were never found. He almost gave up on everything. He resented everyone and everything. He stayed at his sister’s since his home was too painful to look at.
One day, he sat in his chair next to the fireplace and Dis came up to him.
“Brother, could you pick the boys up for me?” She asked ever so sweetly.
“Dis, I cannot. I can no longer walk to that school.” He spat.
Some of the buildings were rebuilt, the school was still in one piece and looked as it had when he left.
Dis put her hands on her hips, “Kili said he could never go to that school without Lyra, but he went! Please.”
“Thorin,” she interrupted, “it is almost my time. I’d rather not have to handle two sons who are such rascals when I feel like I’m hiding all the gold of Erebor inside me!”
Thorin looked at her round belly, he knew she was nervous since Kili almost died in child birth he was so small. He sighed and got out of his chair and grabbed his coat.
When he arrived …