What are we standing for?

Life's been really busy for me, so that's why I haven't been posting. Well, I finally got around to it. :) I've really been looking forward to this one, because I've had this idea for a while now, but just haven't had the time to write it out. So here goes...

First of all, a warning. This post might be offensive to some people. I do state my opinion (and certain unchangeable truths) in this post. Certain truths that might offend some people. I do take a very firm stance on them and I will not give ground on what I know to be true. Just saying...

Second of all, watch this video:

"How can I help the refugees?" So, actually, I don't have a huge problem with this one OTHER than the fact that we don't want Syrian "refugees" here. We are Americans and we want to stay American. My dad was telling me how Obama was saying that the attacks in Paris had nothing to go with Syrian refugees and soon afterwards, one of the bombers came out and said that he was a Syrian refugee. Strange... but of course, Muslims are very peaceful people... NOT!

"Why can't women be Army Rangers?" Because they are women. And you can't really call me sexist because I am a female too. Somethings seem inherently wrong. This is one of them. I feel like these women are trying to prove that they can be as strong and as good as men. Sorry, but we just aren't. No matter what you says, women were created not as strong as men. I'm not saying that all we are good for is being housewives. No, there have been some strong and courageous women, such as Joan of Arc, But I don't think that we should go about our lives trying to prove to the world that we can be perfectly equal to men.

"What does the Confederate flag stand for?" A part of our history, duh! Maybe not the greatest or best part, but still a part. In taking down that flag, we are taking down part of our history. Little by little, these people are trying to make us forget out history and the good things we used to stand for.

"#Justice for Cecil" Alright, so this one makes me sick. Sure, everybody goes out to protest and cry over a endangered species of lion that was shot and killed. What about the thousands of children that are killed in abortion clinics every day?! Humans or a lion... oh the poor lion. Humans? Phhh, we have plenty of those...

"How can we over come prejudice? (aka Black Lives Matter)" Umm, what about all lives matter? The lives of unborn children, the lives of policemen, the lives of all people? And they were complaining and upset that the attacks in Paris were taking away their headlines and front pages. How trivil is that? There were people dying over there!!! And all they were worried about was that they weren't getting payed as much attention. It reminds me of a whiny child. When her mother is taking care of her sick siblings, she is upset because she is not getting as much attention.

"I just want to marry her." Another super sick one for me. So, let's define marriage. One man+one woman=marriage and a family. Now everything is getting perverted and changed. Really?! Even nature and dumb animals know better than the homosexuals. When animals mate, they instinctively go for one of the opposite gender. There is no homosexuality in nature. Why? Because it supposed ot be that way, duh! God created us a certain way for a reason.

"What is the color of the dress?" Don't we have more important things to talk about?

"The Pope came to America."  Yay! That's about the only awesome thing in this whole video.

"Paris bombings." We need to keep on praying for peace in the world.

"I am a woman (Bruce Jenner)" I am using his real name on purpose. Pretty much the same thing as the paragraph I wrote for the homosexual part. God made us a certain way and that's how he wanted it! What is nature changes its gender?!

So is this what we are standing for? Is this who we are? If so we aren't standing for much and we aren't much either. We are standing for insecurity, bondage, immorality, and perversion. Is that what you want to stand for? Not me. So, come and help me change the world... one person at the time.

Pray, hope, and don't worry.-Padre Pio


  1. Totally awesome post! I so agree about women trying to be "as good" as men. And that's why I'm sick and tired of the fantasy cliche where you have to have a so-called "strong female character". Like Tauriel in The Hobbit. She's not a FEMALE character, she's a PSEUDO-MALE character. When are we going to get women who are strong in their FEMININITY, not how much like men they are???

    And Bruce Jenner... I also refuse to call him Caitlyn and it really bothers me when other Christians do call him that. Even if with their other words they're protesting what he did, they're acknowledging it by calling him Caitlyn.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I totally agree with you. It's in a ways hard to be a good woman during this time. So many women are like, "We have to be strong and prove ourselves!" I'm just using the Blessed Virgin as my role model. :) She's the perfect combination of beautiful femininity and strength. Feminine strength.

      Oh, one of my friends wrote a fan fiction off of Tauriel which takes a more feminine look on it and explains more about her. I'll have to ask her is I can share it on this blog. It changed my view of her, and actually makes sense and fits with the movie. :) I think you will find it pretty neat.

      Yeah, it bothers me too that Catholics/Christians call him by his fake name. And now, I saw something that he's wishing that he was a man again. It was something like: "I feel so ugly as a woman. I used to be so handsome." I totally think that serves him right. And I have to admit, he is a pretty ugly woman and looked a lot better as a man.


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