Introducing my good friend... Tauriel the Mockingjay!

To all those Hobbit movie fans out there... I know that some of you disapprove of Tauriel, myself included. I though she was a cool character, but was really disgusted with the romance and love triangle. Well, a good friend of mine took on the job of writing a fan fiction on the background of Tauriel. Personally, I found it an amazing piece of fan fiction. But I will say no more and let you read Chapter One from...

The Heir to Erebor

You have heard the tale of Bilbo Baggins; a hobbit who did what some hobbits wouldn't dare dream of doing and went on an adventure with thirteen dwarves. You have also heard of Thorin Oakenshield; the king under the mountain of Erebor who led the quest to reclaim it.
What you may not have known is some of Thorin past that he had kept...well, in the past.

When Thorin was fairly young-maybe fifty five, he and his sister were exploring the woods outside the village they had been living in. His sister went a little farther than they should have and they were surrounded by orcs. Thorin fought to protect his sister Dis, but it wasn't enough. An orcs arrow found her and she was hit in the back.

Thorin began to think all hope was lost when out of the blue came two Elves. The male Elf helped Thorin fight off the orcs while the female tended to Dis.
Thorn and the Elf finished them of and then he ran to Dis's side.
"She is weak." said the female Elf, "I did what I could, but we must get her to safety."
"Fo (No)!" snapped the male Elf.
"Nas harna (She is hurt)!" the female elf pleaded.
"Gwaem (Let us go)!" he commanded walking away.
"Fo (No)." she said under her breath as she stayed on her knees. She looked down at Dis, "Odulen an edraith angin (I am here to save you)."
Thorin did not know any Elvish except for a few phrases.
“U-bedin edhellen." he replied. Which means, "I don't speak Elvish."
She frowned, "My brother Dyffros refuses to help anymore. Our father is one of Lord Thranduil’s most trusted servants. My brother has always been trying to please him."
Thorin knew why she didn’t say anymore, many knew of how Thranduil turned his back on the Dwarves when the dragon Smaug invaded Erebor.
"Will you help?" asked Thorin, still stiff when it came to Elves.
She smiled, "Yes. I will."
“I am Thorin, son of Thrain.” He replied as he carefully picked Dis up.
“I am Almirthara, daughter of Erendriel.” She replied.
She helped him carry Dis back to their village. Almirthara had auburn hair that had more braids than Dis had in her hair on a special day. She wore a bright green dress and brown boots. Her bow was on her back with two quivers filled with arrows.
“Why do you have two quivers?” Thorin asked.
“I fear that someday someone will be in a battle and will run out of arrows at a bad point in time.” She simply replied.
“Why do you help us Dwarves?” Thorin’s heart was set on hating Elves and thought that all Elves were the same.
“Despite what you Dwarves think, there are some who disagree with Lord Thranduil, but he is our king and we must obey him no matter what we want.”
“And what do you want?”
“A fair world,” she stated. “A world where no one will turn their backs on one another.”
“Believe me, everyone wants the world to be like that. Those who do not know nothing of the world.” Thorin never in his wildest dreams could imagine himself agreeing with an Elf.
“Is your sister your only family?” she asked innocently.
“My father has since gone and my mother works late serving for Men. I had a brother once.” Thorin said with a weight in his heart.
“What was his name?” Almirthara asked him.
“Frerin, he was forty eight-which is young for a Dwarf. I watched him die and could not help him. Azog, the pale orc, cut off his head after he cut off my grandfather’s.”
“I am sorry.” She said sadly.
“No one should see their younger or older brother die in battle.” He said mostly to himself, but he knew she heard him.
They got to his home just after the sun fell and took Dis to her room. Almithara did some sort of Elvish incantation and then Thorin saw her out.
“It is strange.” She commented as they stood there in awkward silence.
“What is?” he asked.
“Every Dwarf I have ever met would greet me with axes and anger and tell me to Ego, mibo orch.”
“What does “Ego, mibo orch” mean?” Thorin asked.
“”Go kiss an orc.”” She replied, “However, you Thorin-son of Thrain-have done nothing of the sorts.”
“I myself have never trusted an Elf, but for my mother’s sake and for my honor I would have never told you to Ego, mibo orch.” Thorin slightly bowed.
“I shall never tell a Dwarf that you were kind to an Elf if you promise never to tell an Elf that I was kind to a Dwarf.” Almirthara said pulling her bow over her head and into her hands.
“An Elf would never give me the time of day do so.” Thorin laughed.
“Nor a Dwarf for me.” she laughed, “Gwestog?”
“I promise.” said Thorin getting chills when she laughed.
“Boei ‘waen (I must go).” She said looking behind her for a moment.
“Savo ‘lass a lalaith.” He remembered it was Elvish for “Have joy and laughter”.
“And to you, Thorin Oakenshield.” Then she ran and disappeared into the night.

They met in secret since then. Almirthara would save his life one meeting and he would save hers in return at another. It was dangerous, but they believed that it would maybe help the bitter feud between Elves and Dwarves end.
One day, on Durin’s Day many month later, Thorin secretly married Almirthara. They had a daughter named Tauriel-who looked like her mother-and then had twins five years later. Dis was already married at this time and had Fili and had just given birth to Kili, she was the only one who knew about Thorin being married.
The twins were an unusual sort, one a Dwarf and another Elf. The Dwarf’s name was Lain, he looked every bit like his father. The Elf’s name was Lyra, she had her mother’s soft complexion, but her father stubbornness and heart.
When Tauriel was considered ten years of age to Men and the twins were five to the race of Men, Thorin was packing for a hunting trip.
“Almost done?” Almirthara asked as she stood in the doorway.
They lived in the middle of a different village in hopes of her people never finding her.
“Not yet. Are the children back from school?”
“I told you once you’ve finished that you had to fetch them.” Almirthara reminded him.
“Well, I suppose I should take a break and get them.” He sighed as he went over to her and kissed her before he left.
As he walked through the village he thought about how his father never did this sort of thing. He laughed and saw several children outside the school. Tauriel came running and hugged him.
“Papa! You came.” She smiled even though her eyes were red and swollen as if she had been crying.
He noticed a small bruise on her cheek. “Who has done this to you?”
“I took care of it Papa.” She insisted.
Thorin decided to let it drop for now and would question her when Almirthara was with them.
“Where are Lain and Lyra?” he asked.
Suddenly, he heard a girl screaming and boys shouting. He ran and saw something he never dreamed he would. Lain and Fili were fighting two boys and trying to protect Lyra and Kili; who were both bleeding and lying unconscious against a tree.
Thorin grabbed the two boys fighting his son and his sister’s son then then pushed them away. The boys stared at him terrified, and then they ran as fast as their legs could carry them.
Thorin knelt beside Lyra and Kili. Lyra slowly opened her eyes.
“Papa, it huwts to bweathe.” She gasped in pain. A tear sliding down her soft baby cheek.
His heart broke at the sight of his daughter crying. He felt for a pulse on Kili, it was very faint, you almost couldn’t hear it.
“It is okay my dear, no one will hurt you ever again.” He said as he carefully scooped Lyra and Kili into his arms. Lain grabbed his father’s fur coat on Thorin’s left and walked close to his side. Fili and Tauriel walked together on Thorin right.
Lyra was never one for getting into trouble, but she was fond of Kili and they never left each other’s side. Thorin remembered Dis telling him that she was worried about Kili getting teased in school. He must have been teased again and Lyra was trying to stand up for him. Thorin closed his eyes and held them close to his heart.
He took Fili and Kili home, Dis was question Fili about what happened when he left. He caught that some boys told Kili he was an ugly dwarf and that he was a loser, Lyra had stepped forward and said an Elvish curse word, then one of the boys punched her in the face and Kili grabbed his hair and started punching, then the fight broke out.
Thorin cradled Lyra in his arms as the other three children followed.
“Papa,” she moaned. “Will I be okay?”
“My daughter, you will live to see the halls of Erebor.” He promised.
She nestled her head to his chest and fell asleep again. Tauriel then carried Lain on her back as he started to fell asleep.
“Father, how long will you be gone?” Tauriel asked.
“A long time. You can take care of your mother and siblings while I am gone, right?”
“Yes father.” Tauriel held her head high.
She was a very proud Elf, she did things without question and insisted on doing everything herself.
They got back home and Thorin sat in his big chair and held Lyra as Almirthara tended to her wounds. Tauriel and Lain had their dinner and went to bed. She insisted on staying up and looking after Lyra, but Thorin wouldn’t have it since she had homework to do.
“Poor Lyra and Kili, so young and innocent.” Almirthara was about to burst into tears.
“Melin (I love) you Almirthara. I would reclaim Erebor and all its glory to see you laugh.” He replied, “Melin tirie hendutya silale ya lalat (I love to see your eyes shine when you laugh).”
She smiled and let out a small laugh, “I should get to bed, and shall I take her up?”
“No, I shall in a little while. It will be very early when I get up to leave on my trip. My sister and her husband and sons will be visiting distant relations, are you sure I should not put it off?” Thorin asked, he hated to leave his family alone.
“Tauriel and I can handle ourselves and the twins. Go, you need some time to yourself.” She kissed him, her tears sliding down her cheeks and onto their lips, “Come back to me and the children.”
“I promise.” Thorin said before she went upstairs.
“Wocky, wocky (Rocky, rocky).” Lyra moaned in her sleep.
She said that whenever she wanted to be rocked in Almirthara’s rocking chair. Thorin got out of his chair and rocked in the rocking chair. He looked down at Lyra and saw her smiling as she slept, as if she was dreaming of happy things.
“When I come home,” he whispered. “We shall do whatever you want.”
“I wanna build a snowman.” She moaned in her sleep.
“We will do that.” He smiled.

Then his world was destroyed. He came home to find that home was gone. The village had been destroyed and many bodies were burned and had been stabbed. He ran to his home to find the door off its hinges, the chairs were burned and broken as well as everything else. There were five dead orcs in the living room, death by Tauriel’s tiny arrows.
Thorin ran to the basement in hopes of finding his family hiding there. He found two dead orcs…and his dead wife.
“No.” he breathed silently as he ran to her side and held her body in his arms. It was all she never was, cold and lifeless. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He ran around the whole house shouting for his children. “TAURIEL! LAIN! LYRA!” He screamed bloody murder as he looked. He checked every building still standing in the village and then the woods, but they were long gone. They were not among the burnt bodies in the square, but that didn’t mean they were alive.

That concludes Chapter One. You can find more of her stories at Fanfiction: Tauriel the Mockingjay, though I will be posting the rest of her story on my blog over the next couple of weeks. Leave a comment on how much you enjoyed the story and I'll let her know!


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