Science Fair Prep

So, what have I been up to recently? Well, for one writing. NaNoWriMo kept me busy for month of November. And school work. School this year has been a whole lot easier in some ways but harder in others. I am taking Physics, Advanced Literature (British), Economics, and Algebra II at our local co-op. At home, I am doing Understanding the Scriptures and Foreign Language (Korean). For Physics, I have to do science fair. I have decided to test propeller efficiency.

It is definitely not an easy or simple experiment but that only means that I get to learn a whole lot. I have bought a Turnigy Thrust Measuring Stand from Hobby King to do the experiment with and so far that's the furthest I've got. I still need to buy more supplies and my science fair mentor, a former Navy helicopter pilot and a really awesome guy, is helping me out with selecting the needed materials.

I am really enjoying it all. My mentor has borrowed me a book that he used in the Navy and it is an amazingly fascinating book. I'll keep my blog updated with my science fair updates as well as other updates too!


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